Osperse Range of powder additives.

Osperse Performance Additives have developed a range of manufactured products to meet specific needs for the dry bagged mortar industry.

Our range of manufactured powder retarders are finely milled and anti-caked  to produce a fine powder which provides a more homogenous blend within the dry powder. This provides a more consistent and controllable set time within the finished product.

Osperse retarders:

Osperse RT01: Polyhydroxycarboxyilic acid derivative

Osperse RT02: Salt of polyhydroxycarboxylic acid 

Osperse D73: Cost effective Tartaric acid alternative

Osperse water retaining additive:

Osperse RM: Water retaining additive for use in dry silo mortar applications.  Retains water within the mortar and prevent being sucked out of the joint caused by highly absorbent bricks and blocks.  Retaining moisture in the joints provides proper hydration of the cement and ensures required strengths are achieved.