Owens Corning

Owens Corning Glass Fibres. CEM-FIL range of alkali resistant glass reinforcement fibres.

Cem-FIL® alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers have been in use for 40 years in more than 100 countries worldwide to create some of the world's most stunning architecture while offering strong and durable performance in widely varying cement and mortar based applications, including floorings, renders, top screeds, tunnels, utility poles, etc.

Cem-FIL® AR glass fibers are unique as a concrete reinforcement. Cem-FIL® fibers have the same specific gravity as the aggregates, so assured fiber dispersion is easier to achieve than with other fibers. Cem-FIL® fiber contributes efficiently to the tensile strength before the concrete is able to crack thanks its high Elastic Modulus, its affinity and its efficient bonding with the concrete.

Cem-FIL® fibers offer superior performance to standard fiber reinforcing with widely varying addition rates designed to meet your specific project specifications.

For applications in cement or concrete, glass fibres are required to be Alkali Resistant (AR). Cem-FIL®fibers are manufactured from a specially formulated glass composition with an optimum level of Zirconia (ZrO2) to meet this requirement. Cem-FIL® glass exhibits a high degree of chemical resistance and was specifically developed to resist the very high alkalinity produced by the hydration of Ordinary Portland Cement. 

Cem-FIL® AR glass fibers have high tensile strength and modulus, do not rust and are easily incorporated into concrete mixes.


1. Renders

Cem-FIL® AR glass fibers have been used successfully in Renders for over 30 years by providing long term fiber performance to the render matrices. Reduction of plastic shrinkage cracking, reduced water migration, increased impact and abrasion resistance are achieved when Cem-FIL® is used at recommended addition rates.

2. Self Levelling Screeds

Self leveling mortars (SLS) are a fluid cement based matrix reinforced with Cem-FIL® AR glass fibers. SLS can be used as a repair topping on worn or damaged slabs, or as an overlay to level uneven floor surfaces. Cem-FIL® fibers offer superior performance as a reinforcing fiber, and will not increase water demand or affect the set time of the mix. AR glass fibers have a similar specific gravity to that of the sand and stone used in concrete mixes. Because of this attribute Cem-FIL® fibers will not adversely affect the finished surface of the slab. Color or stain can be also be added to the mix for a beautiful exposed finished surface that can resemble polished stone, ceramic tiles or even slate.