Cellulose Ethers

Bermocoll® is a group of nonionic cellulose ethers which are delivered in the form of a whitish free-flowing powder of different particle sizes and it is almost odourless. Bermocoll® cellulose ethers are a very important component in building products and is added to the dry mix products to increase water retention and improve workability and consistency of the finished product. Bermocoll® products have been produced for more than 50 years, and today sold in more than 80 countries.

Recommended Bermocoll® grades:



Bermocoll® products act as:

  • Thickening agent
  • Stabilizing agent
  • Water retaining agent
  • Dispersing agent

Bermocoll® products are manufactured in three main types:

  • EHEC, ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, (E and EBS)
  • MEHEC, methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, (M, EM and EBM)
  • HM-EHEC, hydrophobical modified ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, (EHM)

Bermocoll® products are based on cellulose, coming from wood or cotton. Bermocoll® products are water soluble, forming colloidal solutions and are used in a variety of industrial applications, but mainly in water-based paints and in building products.