Powdered Air Entrainers

Power air entrainers are surface active chemicals which act in the air-water interface within the cement paste to create the formation of small, stable air bubbles.

The microscopic air bubbles formed within the mortar greatly enhance the performance of both freshly mixed (plastic) and hardened mortar- by improving workability, increasing water retention, providing longer board life, improving durability, and reducing water absorption. Highly plastic, workable water-retentive mortars make brick and block placement easier and adapt better to irregular surfaces, providing intimate contact between mortar and brick/blocks.

Oscrete Performance Additives are UK and Ireland distributors for UNGER Fabrikker A.S

Unger Functional Material UFAPORE T-range covers all the air entrainers needed, depending of the amount of air, bubble size and structure. UFAPORE T-range is suitable for both mechanically and manually applied plasters, mortars and renders. For the DIY market we have developed products that are easily handled without excessive dust formation. For the automated ready mix plants we have products that have an excellent flow even under high pressure and temperatures, making dosing accurately.

Applications for UFAPORE

Mortars, Plaster: UFAPORE TAE and UFAPORE TCO


Click here to download UFAPORE TAE Datasheet


Click here to download UFAPORE TCO Datasheet

Concrete: UFAPORE