Redispersible Powder Polymers

Redispersible powder polymers from Celanese (Elotex) are organic polymer powders manufactured by spray drying liquid latex emulsions.In combination with other additives such as Bermocoll cellulose ethers, Celanese (Elotex) powder polymers improve the properties of cement or gypsum based dry mixed products.

Celanese (Elotex) redispersible powder polymers provide the performance benefits of liquid latex in terms of improved adhesion and flexibility along with the convenience of handling and storage benefits associated with one component dry mixed products.

Advantages in end use applications include:

  • Improved workability
  • Increased adhesion to variety of substrates
  • Higher flexural strength and flexiblity
  • Higher resistance to freeze/thaw attack
  • Improved surface hardness and abrasion resistance

Celanese (Elotex) redispersible powders are key ingredients improving the properties of mortars used in: Tile and building adhesives – levelling compounds – gap fillers – repair mortars – rendering products – waterproofing systems – thermal insulation composite systems.

Flooring – Quality from the bottom up

Celanese (Elotex) products support the rheology and workability of the full range of flooring formulations improving ease of on-site application and ensuring exceptionally smooth, defect-free surfaces.



Tiling – Flexible Connections

Cementitious tile adhesives formulated with Elotex® products are easy to work with, environmentally friendly, easy to apply and offer flexible, long lasting performance of tiled areas.


Grades for tiling: Elotex® MP2100

Click here to download Elotex MP2100 Datasheet

  Elotex® FX6300
  Elotex® FX5600


Grouts – Sealing the Gaps

Tile grouts incorporating Elotex® products, seal the gaps between tiles and compensate for any unevenness. In addition, tile joints perform an architectural and aesthetic function with their pattern and coloring.



ETICS Sustainability through Energy Savings

The use of Elotex® products is essential for the workability, water retention, open time and general physical properties of the ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) mortars.



Waterproofing – Keeping Water at Bay

Highly flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane modified with Elotex® redispersible.


Grades for waterproofing: Elotex® FX2320

Click here to download Elotex FX2320 Datasheet

  Elotex® HD2000

Click here to download Elotex HD2000 Datasheet