Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate is an additive designed to significantly improve the properties of tile adhesives. As an additive it prolongs open time, improves adhesion and is a highly efficient strength accelerator which is of importance for tile mortars where you need acceleration and low skin formation. Even improves water stability, pliability and homogeneity. Calcium Formate is also used to reduce set times and improve early strengths in external renders and concrete repair systems.

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Lithium Carbonate

Fast setting systems are gaining importance in floor or wall applications in order to reduce construction time. Lithium carbonate is used as an accelerator for fast setting cement and mortars, mainly based on high alumina cements. Self-leveling floor screeds, adhesives for tiles, shotcrete and waterproofing slurry are the major applications.

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Osperse Accel-100

Fast Setting system for floor and wall applications, Osperse Accel-100 will reduce construction time. Osperse Accel-100 is used as an accelerator for fast setting cement, mortars, self-leveling floor screeds, adhesives, shotcrete and waterproofing slurries.

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